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photo services & info

Real talk, I am not the photographer for everyone. 

(yup, I said what I said)


What I am here for is authenticity.

Raw life moments that represent who you and your person are as people, teammates, lovers. The little giggles in between quiet moments, finger tips gently brushing back hair, gentle breaths that make you melt into the sky above you.  A slow dance in the sea, or a jog across the streets, or taking in creation mountainside.

I'm not here to be your extra bridesmaid (though you can count on me to bust out some bad dance moves on the reception floor), I am here to capture the moments otherwise forgotten. Don't get me wrong, I'll fluff the dress and grab you that extra mimosa you definitely deserve, buy ultimately want to hand you a collection of photos you simply can't get enough of.

I promise to bring my authentic, hype-girl self to the table if you promise to do the same.

So, are ready for your hair to get messy? For your heart to beat faster?To get lost in your own love story?

Then you are my person; and I can’t wait to capture your joy.



I don’t believe that the wedding day is the most important day of your life.

I know, right!? Hear me out...


While I don't think your wedding day is the most important day of your life, I do believe it’s the day you make the most important decision of your life. My mindset is that your wedding day kicks off the moment you say yes—leading into a million more moments where you live out that yes.

Plus, if we put that much pressure on the wedding day, we diminish the importance of the rest of our days, right?! That seems pretty silly to knock down the rest of your life right after vowing to spend it with your best friend. #justsaying 

Your wedding day is a catalyst to your commitment. That said, it deserves to be captured with quality.


Might just be me, but I think your wedding photos are the detail that matters most on your wedding day and long after. They are one of the only things that you will “keep” when the champagne is gone and the flowers have dried.  An artifact to hold onto, pass down, and cherish forever. 


Your photos will be peeked at time and time again, on smartphones, computer screens and on display in your home. Sadly, you can’t go back and swap out poor images, so I’m here to save you the heartache and serve you right. Investing in your wedding photographer might just be the smartest move you could make.

I get it, it’s a lot to just hand over to a girl with a camera, but trust me—you adventure-seekers, lovers of life and pizza, readers who have stuck with me for this long—you’ll want to hold onto these images for a lifetime.


Now are you ready or what!?!



What's it like to work with me? Girl, I gottchu! 


I know firsthand what it’s like to have your brain in 40,000 places at once swirling with all things wedding planning! As a photographer and your biggest cheerleader, I want to help you (where are my enneagram 2’s at!?). That’s why I aim to create a curated experience for each of my couples that’s smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. 


Here’s what you can expect when you book me: 


  • Clear, thorough communication 

  • A PDF full of my most recent offerings, pricing details and testimonials 

  • Resources like relevant articles to simplify your planning process (think: outfit inspo, planning tips, and what you actually need to know going into your wedding day!) 

  • A customized payment plan to meet your needs 

  • A full contract covering every "what if" to keep you protected

  • A complimentary 45 minute call to map out your project details 

  • Experienced assistance planning your wedding day timeline 

  • A high-energy, personable experience during your session (ft. my fave lovers tunes and loads of goofy dance moves!) 

  • A full digital gallery of professionally edited, high res images delivered within weeks of the shoot date with unlimited downloads for all

  • High quality, local printing access straight from your gallery 

  • A new bestie :) 



Weddings start at $3,200 for 8hrs

Elopements start at $1,800

Engagement sessions start at $400

Portraits start $400





God has blessed India with a special gift of photography . She uses it to capture moments of a lifetime all while capitalizing on client personalities. She is professional, sweet, energetic and extremely organized. She has been a blessing for every different event she has been hired for. Her passion and creativity shines through her work. / Jim & Trinda 




There are two things that stick out to us about India. First and foremost her skill behind the camera is unquestionably phenomenal. She has a great eye for capturing beautiful moments. Secondly what makes her such a unique and truly excellent photographer is the way she makes you feel during your sessions. 

You feel free, laughter fills the air, and you just enjoy time together while she is capturing each moment. She is hilarious, spunky, and just a joy to be around! / Nicole & Kyle



We absolutely love India. She photographed our wedding and did a phenomenal job. She made us feel comfortable and the pictures are proof! Our families loved the pictures as well. India’s lighting and editing is perfect for our style. Strongly recommend her to anyone! / Audrey & Jared




India was our photographer for our engagement and wedding pictures. I'm so happy we chose her! She is extremely kind, talented and flexible. She took into consideration a very long list of picture ideas for the wedding and came through with all of them. She was patient with a rowdy wedding party, and worked quickly but effectively to get the shots she needed. I was more than happy with how the pictures turned out—and she got them back to us fast! I would recommend this talented, sweet girl to everyone I know. / Rebecca 

P.S. Wanna say hey and ask some questions sorta, you know—face to face?! I hear you! Schedule a complimentary discovery call right here to get all your questions answered.  

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