Exploring space, strategy and story through emotion-driven marketing and visuals that stir the heart. 

More than an instagramable feed or peer praise, I prioritize bringing my client's story to life—in a way that is relevant to today's marketing trends and true to their vision. Clean design, clear messaging, and audience TLC, all to bring compelling action. That's what I'm after. 


P.S. If you're seeing this page, you're on the inside! Please reach out for an informal chit chat about my work; I can't wait to collaborate with you.


Responsibilities— brand concept, mood boards, typography, web design (WIP), merchandise, social media management, video editing, art direction. P.S. This event is coming up! Catch updated designs and the live website here


Responsibilities—branding, mood boards, book layout design, eleven acrylic paintings, social media content, live event gallery installation and public speaking. 

Results—all paintings sold in silent auction off, CD's and books sold, 100+ attendants to the event launch, countless lives encouraged by the content created.


Responsibilities— brand concept, mood boards, typography, illustration, web design, merchandise, social media management, video editing, art direction.

Results—thousands of attendees from across North America, (even a church in the Bahamas!).



Responsibilities— concept creation, project management, email copywriting and editing, resource creation, collaboration with multiple departments, podcast vetting, social media management. 

Results—open rates from thousands of college students, hearts inspired to create in every career

more is more

Guac Fest | Branding & Art Direction
Roots | Typography & Photography
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Clients & Collaborations:

Coalition for Christian Outreach—Summerfield Advertising—COGO Bike Share — Granville Christian Academy — Heartland Camps—Keep It Simple Socks—Katalina's Cafe—Lynd Fruit Farm—Coffee Meets Bagel

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