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When I was fourteen-year-old with braces and too much creative energy, I spent my baby sitting money on a lime green point and shoot camera, launched a social media page, and never looked back. Since then, I have been an eager storyteller, crafting images through the years for people to savor for a lifetime.


Today, I’m an outgoing, travelling photographer having served hundreds of couples and families for over 10 years across the country.


If you vibe with personality tests, I'm an enneagram 2w3 (aka, I love helping people and getting shizzz done) I love lists, am terrible at keeping a routine, and try to live with grace for myself and everybody else.


I love soup, home projects, traveling, my two cutie cats, and making a fool of myself on the dance floor. On any given night you can catch me snuggled up to my husband watching a cinematic drama (or an 00's romcom) and sipping on a homemade marg. 

I’m a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design, an actress, and an embarassing dancer. But most importantly, I’m a follower of Jesus, and I aim to love people like Him in all I do.

—get out there

Did I mention I loveee traveling? (Like, seriously). If you are planning a wedding in one of these location, message me for 20% OFF your package rate. Travel rates apply.

- California

- New York

- Utah

- Mexico 

- Flordia 

- Oregon 

- France

- Italy 

- Greece 

- Peru



about—the McCues

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Working with your best friend? Yes please. Ian is a filmmaker and storyteller and has the biggest heart for nurturing people. When you meet him you'll feel instantly welcomed into his warm personality and be inspired to dream big—sorry not sorry for gushing. 

We got married November 7th, 2020 and haven't looked back once. We are podcasters, actors, and best buds.


If you're itching to team up with us, you are in luck! We offer wedding photo and film packages and a guaranteed good time. 

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